Contemporary Tiered Cake

Duration: 2 Classes

Fees: Rs. 6,000

This two-day course will give you the practical skills and personal confidence needed to create stunning stacked cakes.

This two-day module is designed to teach you the principles of assembling and decorating stacked cakes. You will work with dummy cake tiers and a demonstration will be given with a real cake,You will then learn how to securely stack the tiers with dowels. At the end of the module, you will go home with an elegant three-tier cake and the ability to make cakes with any number of tiers.

What you will learn:

  • Innovative stenciling techniques to create vibrant cake art
  • The basic techniques for hand painting on cakes and how to paint beautiful flowers onto your cakes
  • You will be learning the edible lace icing recipe from scratch
  • Stacking a three tier cake with dowels
  • How to create an elegant ruffle effect on cakes - another key trend in wedding cake
  • How to use lusture dust and gold/silver leaf
  • How to use only mould
Contemporary Tiered Cake